Reducing GHG Reducing 1Ton of GHG per person

Reducing GHG

Reducing GHG

Reducing 1Ton of GHG per person

Reducing one ton of greenhouse gas per person

Climate change caused by human activities can be curbed with environment-friendly practices
in our daily life. Korea established the objective of 30% reduction of BAU (Business As Usual)
greenhouse gas by 2020. In the non-industrial sector, the Korea Climate & Environment Network
aims to reduce greenhouse gas by 1 ton from the current 5.3-ton greenhouse gas being emitted by one citizen.

We plan to establish various real-life practices for low-carbon, eco-friendly daily life.

Reducing 1 Ton of GHG per person

A small practice in everyday life, now is the time to start
  • underwear

    Use long underwear

  • transportation

    Use public transportation

  • waste

    Reduce food waste

  • applicances

    Unplug home appliances