Reducing GHG Campaign

Reducing GHG

Reducing GHG


Korea Climate and Environment Network Campaign

KCEN promotes low-carbon, eco-friendly life through periodic campaigns.

  • National Holiday
    Eco-friendly National Holiday Campaigns
    • Before leaving for your beloved hometown, pull the plug out and empty your refrigerators!
    • Use public transportation for your journey to your hometown and enjoy eco-friendly travel!
    • Eat traditional food for national holidays, reduce food wastes!
    • Eat local agricultural products and give and receive low-carbon, eco-friendly items as holiday gifts!
    • Our agricultural products and low-carbon, eco-friendly items are perfect as holiday gifts!
  • Eco-friendly Vacation Campaign
    • Before departure, - Did you unplug all electric appliances, which are using standby electricity when plugged?
      - Did you empty refrigerators? To reduce food wastes, make room in your refrigerators.
    • On the way - Use public transportation and enjoy low-carbon travel!
      - When using automobiles, check the air pressure and load your belongings by keeping them as few as possible.
    • Active environmental protection! - Did you separate recyclable and regular wastes?
      - Refrain from using disposable products
      - Wash disposable wastes before throwing them away.
    Vacation Season