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Korea Climate and Environment Network Green Touch

  • Green Office is

    low-carbon, eco-friendly life practice software that can be used both in businesses and at home.
    Green Office consists of “Green Touch” and “Green Printer.”

    Green TouchGreen Touch
    Green PrinterGreen Printer
  • What is Green Touch?

    Green Touch is freeware that sets the computer and monitor in sleep mode when they are left idle.
    One can save electricity by using Green Touch.
    It can realize low-carbon, eco-friendly life by cutting down the emission generated from the production of electricity.

  • Conserving electricity, surprising ability of Green Touch

    An hour of Green Touch operation in 30 million PCs can save an hour worth of electricity produced by four nuclear plants.

    • PC

      30 million PCs with Green Touch

    • =
    • Power Plants

      4 nuclear power plants

Item Effect Note
Computer + Monitor
Average power usage
= 120W(computer) + 40W(monitor)
Consumption of Electricity when using
Green Touch
Less than 1W
= about 0.1W(computer) + about 0.6W(monitor)
If using the maximum sleep mode
Power Savings per hour 159Wh
= 160Wh - 1Wh
Power Savings per day 477Wh(0.477kWh)
= 159Wh x for 3times
If used three times a day
Annual Power Savings 114.48kWh
= 0.477kWh x for 240 days
Annual average of
the number of days attended = 240days
Annual Carbon Savings 48.53kg
= 0.424kg-CO2 x 114.48kWh
Carbon emissions per kW
= 0.424kg-CO2 / kW
Annual Carbon Savings 1.45 million tons
= 48.53kg-CO2 x 3,000 million
Number of computers nationwide
= about 30 million
Annual Carbon Savings Nationwide 3.4 billion kWh
= 114.48kWh x 3,000 million
Number of computers nationwide
= about 30 million