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Greetings from the Korea Climate and Environment Network

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Thank you for visiting the Korea Climate and Environment Network. Globally, climate change is accelerating at a faster pace.
It is no longer just a problem that affects polar bears in distant lands or the people of island nations such as Tuvalu.
Over the past 30 years, the temperature on the Korean Peninsula has risen 1.4℃ from the beginning of the 20th century(1912-1941),
and we are experiencing typical symptoms of climate change including heat waves, drought, and changes in the ecosystem.

To combat climate change, not only the international community
but also governments and private organizations are working extremely hard to find solutions.
The Korea Climate and Environment Network, consisting of the Korean government, corporations, and private organizations,
was created to start a national campaign aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 1 ton per person.

This national initiative to reduce 1 ton of greenhouse gas per person proposes a new lifestyle that not only cuts down
greenhouse gas emissions in daily life
but also helps society in various other facets, including economy, health, and safety.

Believing that small behavioral changes by individuals can add up to become a big leap toward preventing climate change
and creating a low-carbon society, the Korea Climate and Environment Network
will continue to carry out various activities that can invite people to practice the solutions it proposes moving forward.
We ask for your interest and support in responding to climate change.

Environment Minister Han Hwa-Jin

Standing representative of Korea Climate and Environment Network Lee Woo Kyun